Happy-Things for summer

What I really love most about summer, is the fact that I finally want to wear fancy outfits again. I don´t really have to worry that I´m going to be cold, which is great, considering that I really prefer wearing skirts and dresses. I also seem to draw more inspiration from summer already. While I used to be an “autumn girl” for a long time, I swapped the cold for some serious sunshine vibes. I especially love themes like ethno prints, fruity prints, bold colours and anything that has a cute print on it. 
This week I found some extra cute novelty handbags from Dresslily in super cute designs. One looks like a little love letter and the other one like a camera. Actually, these are a great alternative to the Karl Lagerfeld handbags, which do have a similar style.

Another thing you can´t really do without in summer are these amazing mandala towels. They look super cute on photos and I can´t really help being in a good mood whenever I see them. I already bought one of these last summer and can´t wait to show you guys soon.

If you don´t own any hear-sunglasses yet, you should definitely get some. I don’t even know why but they make me feel really happy. I might look a tiny bit weird, but who cares really? :D

It´s really these little things that can change a lot about my mood. Sometimes, when I´m not feeling on top the world, I just look at my handbag, my shoes, or sometimes my socks and they put a smile on my face :D I hope you all like these happy-pieces for summer!
If you fancy checking out Dress Lilly: They also do other clothing including mensclothing. (here)

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  1. OMG this is such a good post! So many great products! I really like that watermelon shirt - perfect for summer :)
    -Jenna <3
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