Beachware Favourites

One thing I keep buying every spring are bikinis and bathing-suits. Even though I own a good mix of high-end and highstreet products, I tend to choose the latter if it comes to Beachwear items. I used to buy more expensive bikinis back in the days, because I thought it was gonna last longer, but it´s actually not the case. Half of my swimwear does not make it to the next summer, because sun, chlorine and saltwater are pretty rough enemies for clothing. Every time I´ve spent a lot of money on a bikini I ended up being super disappointed after a year because it´s so bleached out. Basically I prefer to save my money for things like handbags, which could stay forever, than something that´s ruined soon after I buy it. I had a look around and found some nice swimwear bargains for you girls on rosegal.

Personally, I´m obsessed with high waist bikinis, because they are so flattering if you´re not one of these super fit gym-chicks with mad abs. Obviously, if you´re tanning you might have a little problem- you don’t really want tan lines up there. But obviously they look super cute on photos, which is something that’s important to me. (Not gonna lie ;)

Another thing I like are bathingsuits with big cutouts in the back. Mainly because they make a great outfit with some cut off shorts. This way you don´t have to wear too much on the way to the beach. It always annoys me if I get there and my shirt is already clinging to my body. With a bathingsuit you can simply jump in the water straight away.

I always take a plain bikini with me, because they are easier to mix and match. I don´t know if I´m the only one but I never manage to wear a matching bikini, I always end up wearing these pants and that top and so on.

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