Orochata / Licor 43

About a month ago, Licor 43 invited me to a beautiful Spanish evening full of flamenco, tapas and drinks at Zimmer No 1 in Düsseldorf. I don´t think an evening could be any more on point. On top of that we got to try their delicious new  drink “Orochata” - a white milky drink with a slightly nutty taste and the licor sweetness. I usually tend to drink licor with milk but sometimes it can be a bit too much because milk can make me feel ill and I try to use as little dairy as possible. To me it´s important to buy eggs and milk from local farms and sometimes it´s simply not possible. Luckily Orochata, which is a twist on the Spanish drink Horchata, is made of a special nut milk and therefore vegan. It´s a perfect refreshing vegan summer drink that takes you straight to Spain but with the slight cinnamon flavour I can also imagine drinking it in front of the fireplace while wearing a cozy knit jumper!


  1. Awww, it looks so beautiful! I love the atmosphere, it's so pretty! I can definitely imagine myself in a jumper, by the fire here.

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

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