Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Happy new year!

The start of a new year is always the time you start thinking about the old year, about what you achieved, what you did right, what you did wrong, and most importantly, about who you wanna be in the new year. It´s also the time to be super whiny and write sentimental posts. I almost ended up doing it myself when I thought FEELINGS UGHHH!!! My new years post is all about Fashion and moreover about the way you dress. When I think back to school I remember feeling insecure a lot about the way people look at me because of my clothes. I always tried to wear what I liked if it was tutus or crazy hats and ignore the opinion of the others, and by god it was not always easy. Living in a town like Manchester, where the majority of people is not bothered about your appearance, makes me feel more and more confident everyday. I can go out wearing what I like without threatening to leave the safe-zone that is my house. My clothes may even be considered as boring or mainstream compared to what the city has to offer. At the same time I´ve realized that I don´t even feel people´s stares anymore in my odd little hometown; where fashion is stuck somewhere between 2004 tracksuits and H&M Basics. However; when we went shopping, my friend exclaimed „I freaking hate people looking at us, whats wrong?!“ Well, nothing is wrong with us and there is most likely nothing wrong with the others either. As my mom always says: „The farmer doesn´t eat what he doesn´t know“ and I guess it´s the same with clothes; and that´s okay. It´s all about tolerating everyone´s opinion. The only advice I can give for all small town fashionistas is to keep on doing what you love and wearing whatever the fuck you want; at some point you entirely stop caring about the others. SO my new years resolution is to free myself from all pressure and be entirely myself – and I hope me and my blog can encourage some of you to do the same!


coat - Topshop
pants - Topshop
shirt - H&M
shoes - Doc Martens


  1. Was für ein cooler Look, schicke Jacke!

  2. Great look and nice post!