Saturday, 28 November 2015

Judy´s affordable Vintage fair

Recently I was lucky enough to attend Judy´s affordable Vintage fair (clickhere for dates) held at the breathtaking and extremely suitable location of the Manchester Free Masons hall. Though I have attended the fair before I was stunned by the first sight. The first of four rooms was bursting with vintage stalls presenting sparkling dresses, fur hats, denim shirts and everything your little fashionista heart is beating for. As many of you know I can never resist purchasing a good preloved vintage item and me and my best friend admittedly left a fair sum of money in the building. Although every stall had it´s own unique flair, I had a few favourites not only because of the fashion but also the competent owners! Here are my top three that will all be featured in outfit posts over the next two weeks :)



As I was in company of a lovely young gentlemen we were delighted to find a stall catering to both, female and male. Besides new handcrafted welsh coats in all colours of the rainbow we had a great time browsing vintage coats and co. of great quality. I am always pleasantly surprised if everything I look at is well kept and cared for and this was definitely the case here. The owners, one of them the dapper looking chap in braces (don´t you just love men wearing braces?!) were perfectly nice and helpful. It was a pleasure for us to leave some money at Baboushka Vintage and I can´t wait to post about my purchases soon.


I see myself as a bit of a fashion schizophrenic so after going crazy about 60s capes, Suzy loves Milo threw me right back to the 90s and made me lust after tiny ethno backpacks, denim jackets and super cool fluffy kangol hats. And with lusting after I mean I put a pink kangol hat on my head, started dancing around and then adopted it. Suzy Loves Milo were definitely one of the coolest stalls at Judy´s affordable Vintage fair and is also available HERE on depop!


One of the most interesting stalls for me was the one by Vintage enthusiast and collector Jane Hamilton; Like the 30s movie star. This lady has an intense knowledge of all her clothes, most of them being from the 60s/70s and a little story to tell about every item. You could really sense that she loves what she is doing and that she is as addicted to Fashion as all of us. I was allowed to take a photo of her and her cool twiggy style look although she claimed to be very un-photogenic. (Apparently her son says that while other people have a drinking problem, she has a blinking problem and I still think this is super funny, though I proofed him wrong... ;) Dear Jane, your coat has a loving new home and some photos are going to be online soon!


  1. great post
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  2. great post
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