WHAT IF.... #Fashion Week SS15 Challenge

This year I didn´t have time to go to Fashion week but I´m way jealous of everyone who went to London Fashion week this season after seeing so many incredible street style posts and designer collections. I must say that I did not see that many well dressed people at Berlin Fashionweek. At least not what I consider well dressed. Germans seem to be a bit more on the conservative side if it comes to style. Next year I will definitely join the fashion week circus again and I sincerely wish the time would pass faster.

 Luckily you can join the Fashion Week Challenge no matter wether you went or not. As you probably already know I work by the principles more is more and am not a big fan of  understatement outfits. I decided to go for this SELFMADE pink glittery leopard print skirt. I made it a couple of years ago and I kinda forgot all about it. It is probably my favorite thing about my wardrobe that it is so full, I can easily loose clothes and rediscover them a couple of years later. The Nightwalk Jeffrey Campbells are my all time favorite and I already wore them at Berlin Fashion week. I simply can´t get enough of them, so I really wanted to feature them again. How do you like my potential Fashion week outfit?

What am I wearing?

tank top- Forever 21 shirt
belt- Versace Versus
skirt- made by me
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell - Nightwalk
shiny 80s style jacket - Tally Weijl

I´d be very grateful if you could vote for my outfit!

 Dieses Jahr konnte ich leider nicht auf die Fashion Week gehn und wenn ich die krassen Streetstyle photos und wahnsinnig schönen Kollektionen der Londoner Fashion Week sehe, werde ich richtig neidisch. Ich muss sagen so viele gut gekleideten Leute habe ich auf der Berlin FW leider nicht gesehen. Der gemeine Deutsche scheint doch mehr auf der konservativen Seite zu sein was Style angeht. Nächste Saison werde ich mich definitiv in den Londoner Modezirkus stürzen und ich wünschte die Zeit würde schneller vergehn!
Bei der Fashion Week Challenge kann man glücklicher Weise auch mitmachen ohne dabei gewesen zu sein. Wie ihr wohl schon mitbekommen hab vertrete ich die These mehr ist mehr und bin nicht gerade ein Freund des understatements. Folglich habe ich mich für diesen Rock entschieden der so ziemlich alle Modesünden in sich vereint: Leoparden Muster, Pink, Glitzer, Glanz.... Diesen Rock habe ich vor ein paar Jahren selbst genäht. Das beste an meinem Kleiderschrank ist dass ich solche Schätze darin verlieren kann und ein paar Jahre später wieder entdecke. Bei den Schuhen bin ich auf Nummer sicher gegangen und habe meine all time favorites von Jeffrey Campbell ausgepackt. Die hatte ich zwar schon mal an auf der Fashion Week aber kann einfach nie genug von ihnen bekommen.... Wie findet ihr mein potenzielles Fashion week outfit?

Bitte voted für mich x3 

Was trage ich?

Gürtel- Versace Versus
Rock- selbst gemacht
Jacke - Tally weijl
Schuhe- Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. Love your hair color and shoes!


  2. Wow those shoes are amazing ! aren't they hard to walk in ?

    1. it depends. they´re a no-go on cobbled streets or hills haha. but on a normal floor/street they are good to walk in. I must admit I fell on cobbled streets once. :/

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  4. Love love love your Jeffrey Campbells, and it's so cool that you made your own skirt, hopefully most of us can go to fashion week by next year!

    99 OUTFITS

    1. I already did dear, and it´s really not as hard/special as you probably think :) asking really opens doors. if you are friendly and keep asking people somebody will invite you :) xx

  5. Love this look <3

    Saskia !xo

  6. Love your shoes and Yes Jeffrey Campbells are the best! I wish you luck <3


  7. I still love your hair very much! Also, your skirt is very cute :)

    1. thank you darling x3 that means so much to me :)

  8. Wow amazing outfit! Very edgy chic ;) your hair color is stunning too OMG!! <3

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  9. Such a fashionable outfit!
    Would you like to follow each other via Bloglovin and gfc?


  10. This skirt is fabulous and you look stunning!


  11. Love your hair, you look so pretty !


  12. Damn, i love your hair!! Looks great on you.


  13. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Now I start to follow you with GFC and Bloglovin. Now your turn dear :)


  14. Great outfit! Also, absolutely love your hair

    Made in Mauve

  15. Replies
    1. thank you so much for your support babe x3


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