Sunday, 24 August 2014


Hey everyone! I´ve been super busy and ill for the last couple of days so, sorry for not posting.
This is a short festival outfit post. As you probably realized I don´t look like I´m going to Coachella.


1. BOOTS. or Wellies. But whatever you wear make sure it´s waterproof. I know, some people love their canvas sneakers but that´s simply not the right occasion.
2. Wear a warm and cozy hoodie with a cute print. It´s practical but still not boring. Don´t worry. Mine has this super silly zipper mouth :) (Hope I didn´t scare you)
3. Spice it up with some cool tights or leggins. If your sweater is boring you can still safe the whole thing with fancy pants.
4. It´s not the 60s and not San Francisco. You don´t really need a flower crown. Seriously. It´s just annoying if you want to dance and enjoy yourself. Also, in case you need your hood, it´s in the way.
5. My number one rule this year: YES to comfortable festival clothes.

Boots: Dr Martens, Sweater : ebay. tights: Primark


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  2. Haha! I love the idea of this post, the weather always sucks where I live (Sheffield) so basically this is my life! Haha.

  3. Your Dr. Martens are perfect especially with your hair, and those tights are killerrrr!

    99 OUTFITS

  4. Hey! Flower crowns doesn't necessary equal coachella, and Hippie fashion you know! When styled right, flower crowns can be made to fit any style whether it be edgy, preppy, or even simply feminine. I understand that Floral Crowns does come from a bohemian background, but we have to remember that even styles themselves can be combined with other styles and trends to give it a look that is truly one of a kind. Hell, I even wear sometimes wear flower crowns in a way so that it gives it more of a Dark Boho vibe, a more edgier and gothic take on the look if you will.

    Anyways this outfit is totally badass! I love how your hair colour looks even more sick with those neon pink doc martens that your wearing! And the skull hoodie is just rad by the way!

    Tragic Couturist

    1. lol, I do wear flower crowns. I even have a black one. Tbh they just kinda bore me after 5 years of being in fashion. But the main thing is that whenever I see Festival outfits in England 90 % of the girls wear shorts crop tops and flower headbands. and it´s freaking cold and raining.
      But whatever dear, don´t take me to seriously I just have an ironic view on most fashion things ;) xx

  5. Hey dear!
    Same here! It's been raining crazily in Singapore! One moment it's sunshine the next before you know there come the thunderstorm. Seems like the weather is experiencing some mood swing. It's a really great idea to wear rain boots for such a weather especially for a festival!
    Anyway, you rock that skull sweater! So Rad!!


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