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Instaready Beach Looks

I am literally so I excited about the good weather we had over here in Germany for the past weeks, that I can´t stop dreaming of Summer and holidays by the beach. Sadly the beach is a tiny bit far from mine and I already went on two holidays this year. First I went to Italy and afterwards I went to Spain for a week. And of course it was still freezing. Well, maybe not freezing but still rather cold and I couldn’t enjoy the beach as much as I thought I would.

Anyways, I´m already dreaming of my next beach holiday and this is why I decided to start browsing for more Beach outfits. When I say Beach Outfits I don’t really mean beach throws in the first place (though I did choose some for you, see more details) but more like clothes you could wear on the way to the beach. In the meantime you could get your boyfriend to take a cute photo of you for Instagram!  ;D

I´m obsessed with the Two-Pieces that Zaful has to offer because they are simply pretty. Also, whats easier than packing two piece…

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