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Mein Saal Digital Fotobuch

Back in the days, when we still had analog cameras, we would stick them in pretty books (or throw them in a drawer) We then forgot about them for a couple of years. Think about the excitement when you finally rediscover all These gems straight from your childhood! Well, nowadays most people use digital cameras and upload their photos on Facebook, Instagram or i don´t even know how many possibilities there are. But do you ever wonder if you can actually preserve them online? Do I Need to Show my old facebook account to my children? Then if you print them at your local drugstore, they start fading after about a year. Recently I have tried Saal Digital to create a beautiful book from my holiday photos from my last trip to Greece. You simply download the softwa, choose your design, drag an drop, press order and voila! Your photobook is on the way! I gave mine to my mother as a present and she almost cried because she loved it so so much!
Früher, als wir noch Analogkameras benutzten, kleb…

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