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Dream Matcha / Focus Supplements

Matcha is a green Japanese powder consisting of the Tencha tree tea leaves. About four weeks before harvesting, the Matcha trees need to be kept in the shade to get their dark green colour. So as you can imagine, Matcha is quite a posh, delicate type of tea. The ritual of preparing it is very spiritual and almost religious, but lately also a lot of cool kids and health freaks have discovered it:
The Matcha powder boosts your energy, increases your metabolism and contains antioxidants, which are great for your skin! If you are on a diet, Matcha Green Tea can definitely be a great addition to reach your goal. You can drink it as a tee or maybe add a spoon to your smoothie or even foods and desserts. Matcha tea is usually quite expensive, but at focussupplements you get a bag which contains enough powder for 30 servings, for only 11 Pound at the Moment!!! (get it here)

How do you make a Matcha tea?

Basically you add about one and a half teaspoon (or more) to a bit of water and stir it un…

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